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Castrol Syntrax 80W-140

Castrol Syntrax 80W-140


Fully synthetic multigrade rear axle fluid for racing and severe duty applications.


For many limited slip differential applications. Primarily intended for use in rear axles of Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore (pre 2005) high performance models.

Features & Benefits

•Improved oxidation stability for longer oil service life.
•Improved deposit control at high temperatures for cleaner axle internals.
•Contains preferred limited slip additive to allow good LSD noise control.
•Excellent wear control for long component life.
•Proven components used in formulation to ensure seal compatibility.
•Sheer stable formulation for long term bearing protection.


•API GL-5.
•SAE 80W-140.
•BTRA 5M-48.

Suitable for use where the following apply:

•Dana 5M-31, 5M-48.
•Nissan 4WD Differentials.
•GMH1561, 2010.
•Ford ESZ-M2C-190A, ESW M2C-119A, ESW M2C-104A.

Advanced Performance Series.

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Castrol Syntrax Universal Plus 75w-90

Castrol Syntrax Universal Plus 75w-90


Fully synthetic multipurpose manual transmission and final drive lubricant for smooth shift at low temperatures.


For synchronized manual transmissions and final drives/differentials of a wide range of vehicles (commercial vehicles, construction equipment, passenger cars) where API GL-4 or GL-5 are required.


•A single product for transmission and final drive.
•Excellent low temperature fluidity provides improved cold shift quality in cold conditions and fuel efficiency.
•Superior high temperature stability and excellent wear protection even in the most arduous conditions prolongs equipment life and allows for extended oil drain intervals.
•Full compatibility with conventional mineral oils and seals allows this product to be used in a wide range of applications.
•Outstanding EP gear synchroniser performance.


•API GL-4, GL-5, MT-1, SAE J2360, MIL-PRE-2105E. Suitable for use where the following specifications apply:
•MAN 3343 Typ S, MAN 341 typ E3.
•Scania STO 1:0.
•MB Approval 235.8.
•ZF TE-ML, 02B, 05B, 12B, 16F, 17B, 19C, 21BC.

Advanced Performance Series.

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